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“We didn’t betray them. Their own prayers did.”


I adore characters like Sayaka and the amount of hate she gets really annoys me. She’s stubborn and hardheaded, but I think she’s no worse than the other girls.”

In terms of character depth, Sayaka was pretty well done. Homura of course was focused on the most so she kind of outranks Sayaka, but Sayaka had a pretty good backstory/character development…
She made a really foolish decision that fucked up her life because of her emotions and will result in her death no matter what happens (word of god says that no matter the time frame, in every loop, Sayaka is doomed). It’s really sad. As time goes on she becomes more of a bitter and horrible person but… seriously, look at her situation. Can you really blame her for acting that way?
Sayaka’s crime was that she cared too much for another person and got majorly fucked over because of it. She wasn’t even appreciated for it. She put herself in a very complicated and bad situation, there is nothing she could do to fix it.
I dunno. I like Sayaka a lot. I don’t understand why she is so unpopular.


I wish we could have seen more of Magical! Girl Madoka in action. We only saw so little of it. Its a shame”

I think it’s because even though the show is called after Madoka, it’s… not really about her that much. Madoka is pretty boring and only really serves to set up the plot imo/play off the development of the other characters.

I think it’s pretty clear that the main character is actually Homura. The entire show is about her suffering/her relationship with Madoka. Madoka herself never really gets explored tbh.
I used to dislike Madoka because she doesn’t really have a lot of character or anything interesting about her really… she’s very plain. But then someone I know said they liked Madoka the best because she’s pretty overshadowed by the other characters and they could relate to that, they never really had anything interesting about them in comparison to their friends/other people, she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, she had no talents, there was nothing particularly special about her, so that’s why she liked Madoka the most. She was relate-able. From that POV I actually started liking Madoka too strangely enough.






I’m guessing this has to do with the Atlanta myth…