updated muh team

it’s all color co-ordinated again huehuehue


they got mad cuz they thought flogres was a grass type and air slash did nothing to it so they left loooool


i’m so mad at this swagger ban

yeah don’t get me wrong it’s a cheap tactic that people definitely abused but it’s not undefeatable. it’s luck based but ??????? so???? what????? the entire game is luck based. critical hits are luck based. status effects are luck based. moves that don’t have 100% accuracy are luck based. I know a lot of people want these things banned but imho that is fucking ridiculous and it turns it into a game where everyone has the exact same cookie cutter OU team and people use their calculators to see if they win before they’ll even attack. luck is part of what makes the game interesting and can change from someone winning to someone losing and vice versa. to get rid of luck based elements makes the game boring and predictable, which yeah is what some people want but i strongly disagree with it because it’s just not that kind of game. You want complete and total accuracy with predictability on every move? Go play league of legends.

i’m just so irritated. do you know how many teams run swagplay? 1-2%. OF THE ENTIRE GAME. Your chances of facing this thing are so low, why was it even up for discussion? I have run in to a LOT more paraflinch serene grace togekisses than swagplay klefki/thunderus. I have encountered swagplay MAYBE once or twice. That’s it.  So why the fuck is paraflinch togekiss/jirachi getting ignored here? lots of people mentioned this but it got totally ignored. it’s bullshit, they are exactly as “luck based” and abuse the RNG in the exact same way.  if you even try to argue that paraflinch togekiss is strategy while swagger/foul play klefki is broken i will die of laughter.

some bans are necessary, don’t get me wrong. mega kanga was way way way too OP and deserved the ban tbh. same for mega gengar (I disagree with the blaziken ban though because you can run it with blaze instead of speed boost and it’s fine). but really? removing something because it’s “too luck based”? that is fucking ridiculous. in a game where luck matters a lot, that is a totally shitty reason to ban something.

also I saved this a while back while experimenting and using the battle maison, look at this fucking bullshit in the BM, it is so rigged ugh


I’ve been experimenting with trick room spritzee and wow it is so good for support holy shit

My team was Spritzee, Ampharos-Mega, Reuniclus

I did 4 matches;

3 disconnects, 1 forfeit. All were OU pokemon used vs My UU/NU team.

Since 3 disconnected I couldn’t save the battle videos (obviously), but the one with the forfeit I saved so you can watch it in your vs recorder:


updated my team. it’s blue/yellow themed hehe. 3 fairies and 3 dragon types, which was actually totally unintentional but w/e

just waiting for sheer force totodile to be legal before i can start breeding for one and using it… plz release it’s HA soon gamefreak plz ;-;


Pokemon Gym Leaders - with Signature Pokemon

so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days over which gen I like the best, I’ve never been able to decide but I have gotta say this has to be my list;

Gen 2 > Gen 1 > Gen 6 > Gen 5 > Gen 4 > Gen 3

It was really hard to pick between Gen 2 and 1 because Iove Gen 1 SO much if not purely for the nostalgia factor alone, I easily plugged over 255+ hours into blue (hard to tell what my actual count is because that’s the highest number the games back in those days could count to due to hardware limitations). But still I just love Johto so much ;___; I love the characters, the towns, the pokemon, the gym leaders, the music, the legendaries… I love Johto sooooo much. So Johto wins by just a tiny bit.

After that is Gen 6 WHICH I TRIED HARD NOT TO PICK OVER GEN 5 but it has so many new features that I’m looking forward to being improved in the upcoming games, it’ll be almost MMO-like in the future. But if it’s things like characters and music, Gen 5 wins by a fucking landslide. There was so much effort put into those games in terms of character quality that I just didn’t feel in Gen 6 cause it just feels so short and rushed…

Gen 4 actually has the best story and lore in the entire series imho but Sinnoh is just… so slow. But I still liked it…

And Gen 3 is last. I don’t think it’s bad btw but it’s just not that good in comparison to other gens… a lot of flaws (2 bikes wtf) and water errwhere just deterred me from enjoying it… plus I wasn’t that much into the region of Hoenn in general. Again I don’t think they’re bad as games themselves btw, but I didn’t like them as much as I liked the rest.

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