(Source: pixiv.net)

in regards to the pixiv is blocking non-asian countries thing

please don’t believe anything you read without a source.

I see people reblogging it but I have yet to actually read ANYTHING from PIXIV themselves.

Just because a bunch of artists are annoyed about people editing their work (and rightly so btw), and 2ch made a big deal about WANTING it to be closed off doesn’t mean it actually will be.

That would be a really horrible business move on their part, not to mention a complete waste of their time since they only made pixiv in English not so long ago. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose to block the entire userbase that actually uses it JUST after they make it?

Anyway all I’m saying is it’s silly to jump to such a conclusion like this without a lick of any evidence. Keep an open mind and don’t believe everything on tumblr until you actually see some proof, yeah?

For the record tho’ I do think editing artist’s works without permission is downright disrespectful and shouldn’t be done in the first place.