Style experiment

I love genndy tartakovsky and craig mc cracken’s styles the most, I hope some day I can have one similar or as good as theirs…

hi, can anyone help me?

does anyone know the original of either of these pictures (they’re referenced from)?

they’re both claiming this is an original work but it’s obvious they both got it from somewhere else… anyone know?


my character for a group that is taking applications.


Because we don’t have a family picture of everyone

Happy late christmas guys and happy 2013 <3


Brought my light desk and stuff from home while I could!
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Newsflash: A popular artist’s work not being popular anymore won’t make your or anyone else’s work automatically popular as a result

Character design once more…
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"Hey do you take requests?"

I redesigned Destiny for archaicmodernist!

I tried to incorporate some of the original themes like the frills and bows and mix it up a little *U* I also changed her hair colour to a mintish colour instead of a more vibrant green because I think it compliments her colour scheme a little better ;w;/
So yeah this would be Destiny if I had designed her :D