just take the dress up game away from me ok ugh

Nipek-san drew this in january but I thought I’d share it here for those of us who don’t get time to browse nicovid that much anymore! I found it just now myself actually… it’s so cute!!

the source is here: http://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im3721052?track=seiga_illust_keyword

I don’t think it’s on pixiv but I wish it was so I could favorite it ;w;

oh my god the mixing is so bad

you can tell that it’s been a while

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enjoy this clip of me singing those harmony part thingies from sugar chocolate waffle

i am home alone and this is how i entertain myself

i got bored and wanted to test out the QR code thing in animal crossing so I made a Sachi outfit


sorry i was on hiatus cuz college then almost immediately after I was moving house while working 5 days a week THIS SHIT HAS BEEN CRAY bu I’m all settled in now

man I am rusty at drawing I have honestly not drawn a thing since /april/ that is crazy


that is all this has been a very important public service announcement I shall be more active cool ty 4 readin yo

so I want to make a big stream of youtube videos that everyone watches together and can chat about

I tried it out and it would work really well if we did a festival or something since you can vote on videos so we could do a team style thing

but for now does anyone want to direct me to some really unappreciated covers/original songs? I could set up the link correctly if people sent enough links and we could have a trial stream

so pretty much original songs, pvs or really good covers, and yes it can be of your own utau if you really want, so long as it’s not a generic plug and play ust job, but if you just think you have a well config’d vb and you’d like to show it off that’d be fine too

A thing I made that I think this pretty much applies to everyone who finds out they know someone who likes UTAU

Artist: Sachi Eika
Track: "Tape Reset [UTAU Original]"
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I really like this oneee

I think something else you could do is maybe add just one more part to the bgm starting at 0:40 and then maybe a reversed cymbal crash at 0:52 idk jasklfa do whatever you want though yo its already really good

Took syo’s advice again and wow it sounds a lot lot better! Thanks so much cries

Unless there’s anything more I can fix I think I’m gonna move onto the lyrics now *D*

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took syo’s suggestion *A* not sure which version I like better