Ok time to play Sanic #sonic #soniccolours

some golden comments on a video of a speedpaint I drew

thanks 4 da laffs sonic community

hey so look what I found on my photobucket from a long time ago

Anonymous sent:

hi! i really like your art and your ask silver blog, but i gotta say- your moe-moe portrayal of silver is a little weird to me. o: any particular reason you write him that way? (it's not a bad thing, it just seems odd compared to how he is in sonic next-gen!!)

Hey there! Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it :)

Oh, well because I looked up his character description before I started the blog, and to be honest it seemed really… moe moe to me?
I mean there is a lot more to his personality… but definitely his moe moe is what I seem to favor most in the way I portray him! lol.
I’ll copy paste exactly what it said;

His eagerness to do good is coupled with a strong naivety; he often jumps to conclusions and readily believes anything he’s told. Thus he is prone to manipulation and making poor decisions; he often benefits from having someone to assist and guide him in his actions. Somewhat awkward, he has a tendency of hiding behind bravado. He’s also noticeably shy and somewhat polite.

So to me I really focused on the whole shyness/awkwardness, I thought it was a really cute personality trait lol.
I also read somewhere before that he was pretty nervous/shy when it comes to girls and I thought that was really adorable

He just seemed like the cheerful type and the fact he was in such a horrible/apocalyptic future yet STILL was really optimistic and had a lot of faith in the general good was really cute

Imo, out of the S3, he’s definitely the youngest and the weakest. Sonic’s the cool one (I guess), Shadow’s the broody/mysterious one, and Silver just felt like the nerdier “not as cool one” to me. Like, he almost feels like the youngest brother who tries to match up to the older brother’s coolness, but he just can’t.



In my mind whenever I watch Haruhi, I always imagine Itsuki as Silver because Daisuke Ono is both of their voice actors


They’re both cute charming bishounen with psychic abilities

AND BLAZE IS LIKE YUKI IN MY MIND ALSO because colour schemes and the fact they’re both rather closed off and emotionless

like seriously DO YOU SEE HOW WELL SHE FITS…?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVWF6fhz9b0

And then I can’t stop thinking of ALL the sonic characters as Haruhi characters AND IT MAKES ME HAVE FEELS CAUSE IT FITS SO WELL

Seriously watch this scene and mentally replace Yuki with Blaze, Kyon with Sonic, Ryoko with Rouge and Haruhi as Amy. REALLY SERIOUSLY IT FITS REALLY PERFECT omfg crey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvmbKkmqbSM

(Source: pixiv.net)

Ok so no tablet so sadly I had to use a base

But I really think if they modified Blaze’s character design, it would be cool if they went something like this route?? Regal but modified to be a bit more tomboyish/athletic to suit her character…

I also think the primary colour for her clothes would be much nicer as orange than dark purple tbh. In contrast to the other colours I think it’d work a lot nicer/be more appealing… plus it suits the whole pyrokinesis ability more I think

But hey that’s just my opinion mang

So they’re talking about getting rid off all the characters/plot lines…

Personally, idk if I’m for this. They’ve finally started doing the games right for the first time in 10 years and suddenly want to reboot it? Guh

Hope it’s just a rumor mreeeeeeeeeee