So I just now found this silvaze fanfiction, checked and it was uploaded just now (I check dis shiyet erry otherday don’t even judge me ok)

Silver and Blaze’s First time

Somewhere in Japan
Silver and Blaze are walking and Blaze keeps looking at Silver, Silver keeps looking the other way trying to ignore her, but since they love each other Silver looks at Blaze and Blaze looks down and then looks up at Silver sexily and asks “Hey Silver” Silver responds “What?” Blaze says “If the Iblis has a trigger where’s yours?” Silver just stares at Blaze and he says “Whatt?” Blaze then jumps on him and Silver falls over, and Blaze is on top of him and she asks him “Where is your trigger and how do I activate it?” Silver looks at Blaze and he tells her “Well if yu want to find out let’s get a room.” Blaze starts purring…and Silver blushes
I will continue this…

That’s literally it

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