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Anyone who enjoys the preservation of history should look away now because this mad bastard RAMMED THE FRONT GATE OF TRINITY. THE ONE THAT’S HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD.






"There are a lot of ‘Irish’ pubs in America, but they just don’t have the ‘craic.’ You know the word ‘craic,’ don’t you? Craic is a special fun atmosphere that Irish people can produce. Some Irish people have more craic than others. There are all kinds of craic. There’s good craic, mighty craic, savage craic, and deadly craic. Then there are boring people who have no fun inside of them. We call that minus craic."

I have literally never heard someone use the phrase “Minus craic” before.

^ yup lol, never heard that in my life either. sounds like “pog mo thon” shit that people who don’t live here THINK we say lmao…

I believe the correct term he was looking for was “sure they’re no fucking use”.



I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

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people who take their anime voice folders so seriously they spend years obsessing over it, starting fights with people who make them, and indulge in their mediocrity by never doing anything worthwhile because they are too busy fighting with strangers online about anime voice folders


sorry I can’t hear you over AP exams, composing music, and learning Japanese. 


Guess what, more poetry


There once was a radical queer
Whose life had been drained of its cheer
Foucault devotee
With an English degree
Yet, somehow, without a career?

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actual GPOY pretty much all the time







Guys seriously saying no Ritsu in the UTAU tag is like saying no Miku in the Vocaloid tag.

not really, it’s more like saying “no neru/haku” in the fanmade vocaloid tag

I think the thing is that everyone generally likes Ritsu and yeah A+ UTAU but the problem is that when Ritsu is spammed constantly (and it is) everyone just gets sick of it because this is a community full of self made content and characters, it’s annoying to have 1 thing shoved in your face 24/7 when you’re trying to look at other character’s stuff
That is avoidable in the vocaloid tag because you can always know the name of the vocaloid you want to look up as there are only so many. That isn’t really possible in the UTAU tag, especially if you want to check out new stuff our community is putting out

so yeah I’m not saying it’s right but come on you have to understand everyone’s frustration and why they’d say that.

I can understand the frustration. When Kire first came out, oh my god the tag was a mess. But that’s what tumblr savior is for! Preventing you from seeing what you personally don’t want to see, but allowing others the freedom of seeing it!

The thing is that UTAU creators, the people getting the most frustrated, aren’t the only people using that tag. UTAU fans who DON’T use the software post in it, too. And Ritsu is becoming more and more popular outside of the userbase, for good reasons! So while Ritsu and all related to him might be ancient news to us, the users, it’s not to the rest of the fanbase.

What I’m saying is that Ritsu spam in the UTAU tag is just as inevitable as Miku spam in the Vocaloid tag (not trying to compare their popularity really because Teto is still of course the most well-known), and IMO it’s pretty rude, even jokingly, to tell people not to post an UTAU of any sort in the UTAU tag.

#welcome to the utau fandom #i will be your guide #to the exit cause you don’t wanna go here

see you say that like this is an argument but Myst and I are literally just having a discussion and neither of us has been hostile or angry (to my knowledge?? if I have been I apologize because it’s not my intention) so I really don’t see how those tags even apply
I don’t really see how it’s wrong to discuss this topic in a civil matter

oh no people discussing things

biggest drama fucking ever. lmao




did konane’s appends just “influence” the fandom like ritsu kire did

I keep seeing “oh i wanna do a winter append!” or something


ive climbed this whole mountain

go me


its fucking winter


 A blue hedgehog with cobalt quills and green eyes, Sonic had a secret, one he had been keeping from everyone, he was gay, and he was in love with his best friend Tails. He and Tails live together for a very long time and Sonic only began to notice he was gay when he looked at him and his penis would become hard as stone.

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