In my mind whenever I watch Haruhi, I always imagine Itsuki as Silver because Daisuke Ono is both of their voice actors


They’re both cute charming bishounen with psychic abilities

AND BLAZE IS LIKE YUKI IN MY MIND ALSO because colour schemes and the fact they’re both rather closed off and emotionless

like seriously DO YOU SEE HOW WELL SHE FITS…?!

And then I can’t stop thinking of ALL the sonic characters as Haruhi characters AND IT MAKES ME HAVE FEELS CAUSE IT FITS SO WELL

Seriously watch this scene and mentally replace Yuki with Blaze, Kyon with Sonic, Ryoko with Rouge and Haruhi as Amy. REALLY SERIOUSLY IT FITS REALLY PERFECT omfg crey


Ok so no tablet so sadly I had to use a base

But I really think if they modified Blaze’s character design, it would be cool if they went something like this route?? Regal but modified to be a bit more tomboyish/athletic to suit her character…

I also think the primary colour for her clothes would be much nicer as orange than dark purple tbh. In contrast to the other colours I think it’d work a lot nicer/be more appealing… plus it suits the whole pyrokinesis ability more I think

But hey that’s just my opinion mang

Ok so I’m too lazy to edit and translate lol but basically it goes like this;
Silver keeps looking at Blaze, she’s like “Huh? What’s wrong?” and he looks away and replies “nothing”. He does it again, she notices, she looks, he looks away. She’s then like “What do you keep staring at me for?!” (basically). He’s just like “It’s nothing!!”, “It’s a habit…” (I don’t know why I’m looking at such things). *…right…* (thinking to himself).

idk my nihongo skillz be weak lol BUTTtttttttttt that’s basically the jist methinkssss (from what I can read)







i drew this human/gijinka thing a while ago with my mouse

if you can’t tell who they are i’ve failed beyond words

awww they all look really great! I like seeing gijinkas where they normalize the characters like this

and dark skinned blaze is really cute!! I think it suits her since her forehead pendant always reminded me of arabian themed characters…