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hi there. I noticed that you had retas pro. Please you you tell me how you downloaded it because i've been trying for ages. Also you art on deviantart is really amazing :)

Hi there! Actually I don’t really remember, my old laptop is broken and I have no idea where the file is, I downloaded it so long ago :( But I’ll be at my old laptop hopefully in a few days so I’ll try and see if I can find the file (it was so hard to find, I spent sooooo so long finding it originally). I’ll let you know!

Aaaaaaaa thanks so much!! ;_;/


Cherry Print Dress from Spreepicky!! || Enter “ojouu" at checkout for a special discount!!

i ordered from the original store ToAlice on taobao just now… $58?? This is only about $20 from the original boutique

Good job editing out the shop name from the stock photos???

here is the store


R.I.P. MSN, the only messenger that allowed me to send a giant unavoidable popup of a pig shaking his ass to funky techno music to my conversational partner if they were ignoring me

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It sucks that Anita Sarkeesian is more influential than any of these women in the game industry.

oh damn, ayako saso is part of the street fighter EX music team

shout-outs to the mastermind of battle fantasia

and there are even more.

The best part of all is how many of these women worked on games Anita has specifically bitched about, and especially the fact that God of War, one of the most testosterone-pumped killfests ever, is written by a woman, and a woman designed Bayonetta, a character who Anita seems convinced could only have sprung from the mind of a potential rapist male who hates women. And on top of this, a woman co-designed the Skullgirls characters, Skullgirls being something briefly touched upon via showing Cerebella in a “Look at all these awesome women I’m pretending are nothing but weak, pathetic, oppressed eye candy” montage in the very first part of Tropes vs Women in Video Games.

And yet, according to Anita, these women and many others don’t fucking exist, and everyone, even the gaming industry, buys it.

Thank you!!!

i’m buttmad and need to rant

so today i went into gamestop (FUCKING GAMESTOP) to ask about whether we’re getting preorders from ORAS here or not, and I think the guy thought I wanted to preorder them then. Anyway, he turned to me and said “ok, you know you need a 3DS to play this, right?” in this real sympathetic way and I was like… um… fucking yes??? Do I look stupid to you?? What the hell do you take me for? Like it says 3ds RIGHT ON THE BOX??

Look I KNOW that there are dumb people who come in to gamestop who honestly probably don’t know this stuff but this kind of thing has happened to me on several occasions going in to gamestop where the employees have treated me like I am some airhead who has literally never picked up a video game in my entire life and would try to play a fucking xbox game on a ps3 or something. I would understand if it was some confused parent or little kid or something but I do nothing to give off the impression I don’t know this shit. It’s so presumptuous, irritating and I’m ngl it is totally because I have a vajayjay and I know if I was a guy none of this condescending treatment would ever happen. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t like affect my everyday life or anything lol but yeah it gets really irritating that I feel like I’m never taken seriously in my hobby and treated like someone who doesn’t have a clue just because of muh vagina.

Although I guess it’s my own fault for going in to gamestop. This kind of thing has never ever happened to me in any other chain at all.

alright so I made my orders! this is my first time ordering from taobao so i’m nervous but i’m sure it’ll be ok.

i didn’t order the contacts from taobao (although those prices were tempting) because I don’t wanna go blind lmao, I got them from maplelens. The bottom wig is from l-email.

this probably won’t be here until like october but whatever! I used taobaonow as my agent and maybe i’ll review my items when I get them?? idk. Shipping is probably gonna be so expensive, I’m guessing in the €70 range :( but whatever. If things go well I’ll be making another order in October sometime for christmas stuff!

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☆*: .。.The full fairy&mahou kei outfit from my Sweet Spirits review. (o・ω・o)ノ.。.:*

just fyi you can get this exact same jumper on aliexpress for $18 with free P&P


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Tired of those nasty crane games? Try this!

I have won 5 plushies in just 1 hour